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Order Your Earth Outdoor Furnace Direct from the Factory

Ordering from the factory

Outdoor Furnaces waiting to ship
Earth Outdoor Furnaces ready to ship

If there are no dealers in your area yet, we are happy to discuss shipping your furnace to you directly and helping you find a qualified installer* in your area. 

Fill out the contact form and one of our customer service agents will contact you to place your order and make arrangements to get your furnace delivered and installed if you need help with that.

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Earth Outdoor Furnace Dealers

Use the map below to find the nearest dealer and get directions.

Financing is Available

We are currently working with AE Finance, LLC to provide our customers with financing opportunities. Click on the link below to find out all the different options available and to fill out a credit application.

Earth Outdoor Furnaces

Built for safety, longevity, economy and utility.

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