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When you compare their'll buy an Earth!

Join the ranks of completely satisfied users of Earth Outdoor Furnaces. The Earth 1/2″ Thick Firebox and sturdy construction will provide safe, reliable heat to your home for years and years to come.

We offer a safe, efficient outdoor furnace that can fulfill all of your heating needs. Earth Outdoor manufactures and distributes outdoor furnaces which are hydronic heaters and can heat multiple types of buildings as well as hot tubs and pools, greenhouses, domestic water and much more.

Mountain Man 505 Outdoor Furnace Model
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Earth Outdoor Furnaces

Our products offer you...

  1. Savings in Utility Bills

  2. Strength in Construction

  3. Simplicity of Design

  4. Reliable Service for Years

  5. Safety for your Family

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Family Portrait
Family Portrait

Rest assured, your family is safe

No pressurized water jacket (non-sealed system) and the fire away from the house means safety and security for your family.

The Furnaces

  • Open System – 1 Door models 305, 365, 405, 505
  • Earth also manufactures a forced-air furnace, the Bear Cub 305 FA.
  • The water tank is 10 gauge (1/8″ thick.) Nothing is made light or cheap in an Earth Furnace.
  • The Earth Cylinder Firebox is 1/2″ Thick (not “almost” as some advertise). Most other companies use 1/4″ thick. Earth is twice as thick!
  • The Earth Furnace has a Heavy Duty door hinge to prevent warping.
  • The weight of a furnace is the #1 issue you should compare. What do comparable BTU’s weigh?
Bear Cub 305 Model
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Bear Cub 305

Perfect for smaller homes, mobiles, modulars, shops, etc.

120 Gallon Tank, Approx. 140,000 BTU

Rancher 356 Outdoor Furnace Model
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Rancher 365

Great furnace for the average size home.

235 Gallon Tank, Approx. 300,000 BTU

Woodsman 405 Outdoor Furnace Model
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Woodsman 405

Choose this model for an above average sized home.

300 Gallon Tank, Approx. 355,000 BTU

Mountain Man 505 Outdoor Furnace Model
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Mountain Man 505

The model for larger homes and multiple applications.

315 Gallon Tank, Approx. 400,000 BTU

Bear Cub 305FA - Forced Air Model

We also offer a Forced Air model, the Bear Cub 305-FA. Like the Bear Cub 305, this model would apply to smaller homes, shops, mobiles and trailers and uses forced air to warm spaces.

Safe, Affordable and Efficient

Staying warm doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg or come with sticker shock from a utility bill. 

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