How often do I feed the fire?

Burn Time – Facts and Fiction

  • “Burn Time” is a term used to gauge the time your furnace will operate before re-loading it with fuel.
  • Be very careful about deceptive “Burn Time” advertising!
  • The Facts: “Burn Time” is affected by several factors:
    • How many square feet are you heating?
    • Daily temperature variations and fluctuations.
    • Type of water system (Pex) you install.
    • Distance from the furnace to the home.
    • Incline of water flow.
    • Type of fuel and amount of moisture in the fuel you are burning.
    • Insulation quality and value of the house or building.
  • The Truth is… most furnaces, you will have 12-18 hours burn in average conditions, so figure on putting in fuel in morning and evening. If you have your furnace in a handy location like I do, I fill it before I get in my truck to leave and fill it when I get home before I go in for the evening. In severe cold and wind chill weather, you may need to fill before going to bed at night.
  • These are the facts and truth. The main thing is… make it handy. Enjoy your furnace. Save money! Keep your home cleaner and safer! Enjoy that consistent, even, steady comfort and warmth, and smile when you want to turn the thermostat up!
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