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The Klear Sky Series

Klear Sky 400 Series

From the manufacturing company that brought you Earth Outdoor Furnaces...

Earth Manufacturing originated from the concept to provide professional grade, simply designed, efficient and affordable solutions to theHydronic Boiler Industry. Earth Outdoor Furnaces is the first and only coal-burningfurnace manufacturer to offer an Integrated Emission Control Technology which meets or exceeds the EPA Guidelines.

The Earth-Bio Fuel Controller manages the furnace through Variable Combustion Technology™ including pulse and variable 02 allocation, Heat Smart™ fuel analysis, and Intelligent Catalytic pre-heat and burn.

Furnace design features include an in-line Clean Burn Catalyst Housing™, Emissions Energy Transfer Chamber, Electronically Actuated Dampers, H20 and 02 Diffusers™.

Combining the Earth Bio-Fuel Controller and the Earth Klear Sky™ design results in Premium Burn Technology™. The technology is lab tested meeting or exceeding the EPA Phase 2 Qualification for overal efficiency and reduced emissions.

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Klear Sky Series is also coal burning and includes 1 Taco 3 Speed Pump Installed.

The EPA Hydronic Heaters Program

EPA has initiated a voluntary program for manufacturers of hydronic heaters. EPA's primary intent is to first encourage manufacturers to produce cleaner outdoor hydronic heater models. EPA also wants those who buy an outdoor hydronic heater or outdoor coal-burning furnace to buy the cleanest models available, which are those that qualify for the EPA voluntary program.

This program encourages manufacturers to produce and sell cleaner, more efficient hydronic heaters. To participate in the hydronic heaters program, manufacturers commit their best efforts to develop cleaner models, approximately 90 percent cleaner for Phase 2 white hang tag.

The voluntary EPA hydronic heaters program was first launched in 2007, providing a process for manufactures to demonstrate that their models are 70 percent cleaner than unqualified models. The goal of the program is to achieve emission reductions and protect public health sooner than a federal rule. Today the program has evolved to Phase 2, and EPA-qualified units will be up to 90 percent cleaner than older unqualified units. Under Phase 2, new models must emit no more than 0.32 pounds of particle pollution per million BTUs of heat output. The models are tested by an EPA-accredited third-party laboratory, and EPA verifies that the test results meet the Program levels.

Earth Manufacturing is proud to be a part of this voluntary EPA program to produce cleaner burning, energy efficient Outdoor Coal-Burning Furnaces, Outdoor Boilers and Outdoor Hydronic Heaters.

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