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Maintaining Your Furnace

How long will it last and what kinds of maintenance does it require?

Yes. There are Owner's Manuals for all Series.

See the Owner's Manuals

Oil all door hinges frequently.

If your furnace does not seem to be working satisfactorily... First visit with your installation contractor. Then, if it is not resolved, and you really believe the problem is with the furnace, call us or have your contractor call us and we'll help in every way we can.

In the very rare occasion of a water leak, we will either send a repairman, or replace the furnace.

Note: There can and will occasionally be water condensation in the door frame. This is from high moisture wood, or the furnace running at low temperature. It is not a leak!

You have a factory warranty on thermostats, pumps, etc. Your warranty on everything from the connections to your house and buildings and in them is between you and your installation contractor. Full descriptions of the manufacturer's warranties are included in the respective owner's manuals.

See the Manuals - Warranties

There is really not much that can go wrong with the furnace; fans, thermometer, pumps, light switch. But that's about all.

The Earth Furnace is designed to last well beyond the purchasers life! We hope your grandchildren can use it. It comes with a 25 year warranty*.

See Warranty Information

* Bear Cub units come with a 10 year warranty. Please read the warranties for details.